styler-500x281When you get turned down for a job you wanted there are moments where you think, “what was it about me that they didn’t like?”  Friends of mine who are out there looking for a job have started to wonder, “Am I too old?”  An answer to that question could be found in videos of a 66 year old lead singer and his 63 year old lead guitarist.  Yes I am talking about Aerosmith again and there are so many lessons to learn from this amazing band.

Do you think Steven Tyler ever says, “Am I too old to wear black nail polish, crazy scarves and long wavy hair?”  Absolutely NOT!  Do you think Steven or Joe say “Hmm should I still be playing this song from 1973?  This was our first hit.  Aren’t people tired of it?”   Watch the video.  (Dream On )  This band plays “Dream On” with all the seriousness of a classical piece of music.  They know this is THE song that they will be remembered for – for the rest of time.  Steven still sings the hell out of it even though we know he must have sang it thousands of times.  (I did the math – over 15,000 times if he sang it every day over 43 years!)  These guys are in their 60’s and they have SURVIVED.  Every member still alive and coming out the other end of addiction, in-fighting and periods of time where they were not relevant.   Joe Perry steps up on the piano because he knows he is a guitar legend that has escaped the bad endings that so many other guitarists have lived through or some less lucky who have died.  Steve Tyler rises to the top with an incredible blast of smoke and lights knowing that he has made it.  And he is thankful.  Watch the Oprah interview and see his time on Idol.  This man lives and breathes greatfulness.  He knows he has survived and in this video you can see he is relishing the moment because he is lucky enough to still do what he loves, in front of the fans that adore him.  Luck and hard work!  These guys deserve our admiration.  Together since 1971 – have you been friends or worked with anyone for 43 years????

So the next time you wonder, “is it my age” or “what was it about me that they didn’t like?”  Remember, there are people out there who think you are a rock star.  Maybe you interviewed with fans of Jay Z.  Maybe the office you were in was more of an oldies place with an emphasis on The Four Seasons and The Beatles.  If you are Steven Tyler chances are, you won’t fit in everywhere you go.  But know at some job you can ROCK IT like the guys from Aerosmith.  Put yourself out there, be serious and do the work.  Your age has NOTHING to do with it!