When you are starting something new and share it with friends or family, isn’t it funny how many people give you the lowdown on what can go wrong? I was talking to a friend who started a new diet that she has been on before.  She was hoping for a “you go girl” mention from one of her friends and instead got the litany of ways this could all go wrong.

As I start this new venture with plenty of “to do” things on my list, I’d love to have people identify themselves as “can do” or “can don’t” friends. There are times to give people sage advice and then there are other times where it’s just the right thing to do to say “I’m so excited for you.” Smart people are aware of all the things that can go wrong. But what fuels the fire of all the work that lies ahead is that feeling that you can achieve this goal.

So if you are starting something new, reaching for a stretch goal or even changing an eating habit, surround yourself with the “can do” people. They will inspire you to keep going when that blissful feeling is starting to wane and all you need is someone to say, “keep going.. I believe in you!”