As the job search continues I find myself wishing for a TV show similar to “Dirty Jobs” but instead just called “Jobs.”  Having spent my entire life in one industry, it’s hard to imagine what a career looks like in another industry.  As I get closer to making a choice, I’ve asked for a look into the job by getting a few hours to observe a day in the life.   If there was a TV show that you could search job titles and see what a day in the life looks like, it might make changing fields a lot easier!

I have so much respect for people who do jobs that I can’t see myself doing.  Everyone has a talent and something that makes them happy.  But unfortunately I’m not there yet.  As Al Franken/Stuart Smalley used to say “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and gosh darn it people like me.”  But how that relates to my next job – I’m still not sure!

The one thing I learned about myself this week is I get really excited when someone presents me with a problem that seems unfixable.  I love to dig in because technology has taught me there are so many different ways to get to a solution.