Idina Menzel

Okay I’ll admit it!  I’m obsessed with Idina Menzel and the song “Let it Go.”  I think the popularity of this song has something to do with how it relates to adults as well as children.  Seriously, how many kids get the line, “I’m never going back – the past is in the past!”  If you are 5 years old – how far back is the past?  3 hours?

I’ve been talking to some other people who have been “let go” over the last year and one of the dirty little secrets that we’re not supposed to reveal is the sadness of realizing the careers and businesses that we chose have moved on without us.

“Don’t let them in – don’t let them see – be the good girl you always have to be.. conceal don’t feel .. don’t let them  know.. well now they know!”

How many job searching internet posts have you seen that say keep a smile on your face when the conversation turns to how your last job ended?  I think as people we take that advice a little too far and never admit our feelings to anyone.  Controlling all that emotional energy takes its toll.  But sometimes after all the meet ups or networking events,  a group of 40 and 50 somethings reveal what is driving them.  Behind that optimistic facade we are sad or blistering bitter about the world moving on.  We are Elsa!  We have powers and gifts that we are hiding underneath our gloves.  These powers can change the world!  But while  we are searching for that next gig, we pretend to be that “good girl” who knows what SEO, CRM and PMS mean.   We are desperate to be wanted and to be courted or to just have someone meet us and say “you are perfect for the job.”

“it’s time to see what I can test the limits and break through no right no wrong no rules for me .. I’m free…”

So what if instead searching every job listing in every email in desperation we spent this time finding out what makes us happy?  What is the thing that lights you up?  Can you pay the bills doing that?  Can you strike out on your own and take a cut this year or next but start building something?  Can you rip off the gloves and reveal to the world your super powers and how they can be used to create your next opportunity?

“I’m through with playing by the rules of someone else’s game.  Too late for second guessing.. too late to go back to sleep .. it’s time to trust my instincts .. close my eyes and leap.. it’s time to try Defying Gravity!”

When I think about Idina Menzel who is 43 years old and now the most famous singer in the world, I realize she kept putting herself out there.  She had great success in Rent and then pursued a pop career which didn’t work out.  Next up was Wicked which made her a broadway goddess and got her in front of the Glee audience.  But even she couldn’t have guessed what Frozen would do for her and her career.

Can we keep the faith like Idina and BELIEVE that the next greatest chapter of our lives is right around the corner?  Can we be patient and keep mining the things that make us happy until we find a job working with the people who believe as well?  Can we keep looking forward and stop looking back at the success we had in the past?  If we spend this time chasing the next job that isn’t going to fulfil us, aren’t we going to be in the same spot again a year from now?

Me, I’m trying to figure out how to make a living singing like Cher in my car.  I know there has to be a business plan somewhere around “If I Could Turn Back Time” impressions.   Let it Go Idina Menzel – Defying Gravity – Your life in Weeks