IMG_7661IMG_7670-0Just read about the new wordpress app that allows you to blog from anywhere and i had to try it!  This will make checking in so much easier!  So now that I can write from anywhere here are some updates!

Last week i moved this site to bluehost because ipower was raising the rates for hosting.  Note to all bloggers – moving your blog is very hard by hand!  Luckily i found a plugin that could help and it was worth every dollar i paid for it because it saved me a ton of time!  It’s called updraft plus!  Invest in it today!

I’ve been doing a little experiment that was only supposed to last a week with my bestie from the city Slickbyrd.  I read about it two weeks ago and it is fantastic!  You send a photo every day to a friend describing your day – the weather – or a pic of yourself.  It lets me live in the big city for a moment and she gets to see life in the frozen tundra.  Pick a friend and do this today!  You don’t have to second guess any photo because its just between the two of you!  Thats the best part!  I sent a recent photo of me putting makeup on – not for social media but cool for one person to see!  Here was my friday photo – a great CNY sky!

Finally – Yesterday the sun was shining here in syracuse and the power of katy perry on the radio had taylor and me in a fantastic mood.  Here’s the pic!