Superheroes really are the best religion that is out there. They have taught me more about caring for my fellow humans and how that kind of love also comes with great sacrifice.

I think of Superman giving up happiness with Lois Lane to save the world.  The Arrow and The Flash both trying to make things right for their parents and for their cities.

My friend Lisa who is battling cancer asked me to write this phrase down. She wishes she could be a superhero, battling through chemo and radiation and coming out the other end wiser and stronger. Instead it beats you down and your energy is depleted beyond what you thought possible. Imagine getting up in the morning, having a small breakfast and going back to bed for a nap. It sounds amazing to those of us who are sleep deprived, but Lisa has always been a person who gets things done. Imagine how frustrating it is knowing the thing you are getting done is giving your body time to heal. Not exactly something that you can check off your list.

I hope Lisa and others out there know it is okay to tell your friends that it is not the best of times. And keeping your chin up is the best exercise they can do during these dark days. It is not only during the best of times that we care.

Give a call to a friend today who may be giving everyone the silent treatment. It may be because they have nothing to say or it may be that they are alone in the darkness. They’ll appreciate the light!