I’ve been lucky enough to work with some amazing people in my career. Every single one of these shoutouts came from professionals who helped me grow by challenging me. Each of them made me a better person and I am thrilled that they put their happiness in writing!

Amanda MacLachlan, CLTC – Independent Insurance and Financial Services Professional

Dee is wildly talented as a sales professional. She is motivated, self-managed, and takes great pride in her work. I am always impressed with her energy and enthusiasm. We have known each other for a few years now, and I have never left an encounter feeling anything less than inspired.

Conrad Trautmann – Chief Technology Officer at Westwood One

Dee’s success in her position running Westwood One’s and Dial Global’s satellite distribution businesses for years was due primarily to her ability to understand highly technical concepts and to be able to communicate those concepts with her customers who were mostly engineers. Add to that her magnetic personality and sincere, honest and caring approach and you have a recipe for success. Dee builds long-term personal connections with her customers and colleagues and brings everyone together for the best results for all involved.

Dee’s experience in marketing is also a strength that is a benefit to whoever she works for and also for her clients. She’s not afraid to use that knowledge to promote herself and her employer and also to assist her clients in their endeavors.

Dee is innovative and forward-thinking as is evidenced by her building and running Sybercuse, a city website with over a dozen employees that was years ahead of its time.

I’ve known Dee since 1988 and have watched her succeed in all of the jobs she’s applied herself to. I would definitely recommend Dee for your organization if I can’t find a way to hire her back for mine first.

Rob Bertrand – Chief Engineer – CBS Radio NYC

 “Dee stepped in as account manager for some critical on-air telephony services at my group of major NYC radio stations at a time when I was about to cancel our account due to poor performance. We were losing calls all the time and poor service quality led to many on-air embarrassments. When Dee knocked on my door, I was at the breaking point. She worked with us to truly assess the problems, come up with creative solutions, and personally ensured those solutions were properly implemented. Today, not only do those stations have greatly improved on-air phone services, but Dee saved this rather substantial account just as we were preparing to cancel our deal. She’s a tremendous person to work with – a hard worker, very tenacious, and one of the best human beings you’ll ever encounter. I wouldn’t hesitate to do business with her again in the future – I’d know I’d be in great hands.”

Mason Johnson – Lead Sales Engineer – Cloud, Hosting, & Data Center Services – East Region

Dee is a joy to work with. I could not give her a more glowing recommendation. She is exemplary in communication, management, and building effective relationships. I look forward to working with her on your next adventure.

Adam Wilbur – Vice President of Affiliate Sales at Compass Media Networks

Friendly, professional, and reliable. Dee has never let me down in all the years of working together. Whenever a station needs some hand-holding or a producer requests something special from satellite services Dee is my go-to person.

Mitch Glider – Broadcast Engineer at iHeartMedia

Dee Perkins is a bright, energetic team builder who I have had the pleasure of working with here at Westwood One. She has a unique skill set that allows her to explain complex technical jargon and turn it into “real people speak.” She enjoys working with people and explaining everything from new technology to the tasks of what it takes to start up a new radio network or national show. Basically, when Dee talks, people listen and are happy to be a part of her team.

Dee has been an integral part of the re-engineering of Westwood One’s delivery system to over 3000 affiliates. Dee was in charge of turning stations over to a new audio delivery system. A large part of her communication was educating thousands of engineers, radio station staff, and program directors on how receivers worked and what it would take to install them. Her emails, phone calls, and website updates got the job done and she met a very aggressive rollout deadline. She found unique ways to get the word out using videos, Facebook, and conference calls. Currently, she is working to replace the commercial delivery system and she brings the same bright and engaging attitude, attention to detail, and team-building that she did to the last project.

Dee is a warm and intelligent person who likes to celebrate the successes of the team around her. Her great attitude, professionalism, and skills sets would be a benefit to any company looking to hire her.

Andy Vance – Agricultural Marketing, Advertising and Perception Specialist; Speaker, Broadcaster, and Writer, I can’t say enough about Dee Perkins; of all the “sales reps” I’ve ever worked with, Dee is perhaps my favorite. In fact, I’d hate to label her as a “sales rep” because I trusted her as a true consultant and trusted adviser. While we may not do business together today, I welcome the day we once again have the pleasure of collaborating.

Karen Schroeder – Assistant Director at CNY Fair Housing

Dee is my go-to person for everything related to my organization’s three websites. I trust her explicitly to get the job done and to care enough to do it right. She is flexible with all of my requests, even those that seem odd or are last minute. Even if she wasn’t my web expert, she would certainly have a place on my team due to her ability to think creatively and to make things happen.

Laura Tishler – Web Content Manager

I remember the day I got a phone call from Dee Perkins in my office at WTVH-TV. I had never met Dee, but her strong, recognizable radio voice confidently told me to leave my job and join her at Sybercuse.com. Needless to say, I was intrigued.

I was hooked on Sybercuse.com after my first interview and knew working for Dee would be an amazing experience. Actually, it was my favorite interview of all time. Her questions were as unique as she is. My favorite: What three magazines would you take on an airplane with you? She knew how to get to the core of my personality and created a work environment where I could shine and also be challenged.

As a manager, Dee expected all of us to work hard, work up to our potential, and rewarded us with compliments, encouragement and even gave out recognition plaques that I keep to this day. If you were lucky enough to be on Dee’s team, you could count on her to listen, advise, inspire, teach, assist and laugh. She always could find humor in any situation, yet was fiercely dedicated to the corporate initiative, Sybercuse.com, and to her staff. She allowed all of us to be creative in our own space and to work together to achieve greatness. She encouraged us to grow and helped us expand our knowledge and potential.

She was the type of manager everyone wanted to make proud and she always sang our praises to the corporate honchos in Atlanta’s headquarters. Sybercuse.com may have been the smallest site in the network, but Dee’s powerful voice always made everyone take notice of our strengths and achievements. We were the smallest site with the biggest spirit and that is a testament to how Dee runs an office and how she interacts with people. She is smart, savvy, witty, compassionate, interesting, capable, unique, and fun. She treated her staff with respect and got it in return. Working for Dee was my pleasure and privilege.

On a personal note, Dee impressed me every day when she would talk about her son, Taylor. When she wasn’t thinking about work, she was figuring out the next step she would take to improve Taylor’s life. Taylor is autistic and Dee dedicated herself to his happiness and his future with love and dedication I had never encountered before.

If you’re thinking of hiring Dee, do it! She knows how to contribute as a team player and is truly a master at managing a team to victory.

Ken Charles – Program Director – KNX Newsradio CBS LA

Dee was an awesome partner at WSYR and WHEN as our marketing and promotions director. She understood the mission of the station and helped us create marketing and promotional items, plans, and events that helped the stations grow and succeed. I would highly recommend Dee.