Fashion week in NYC had many people focused on beautiful clothes, perfect size 0 models and wrinkle free faces. Hopefully we are moving towards size, age and acceptance of the beauty within but outward appearances still get the lion’s share of the bloggers and writers attention. My own mother constantly comments on how “good” people look as if that was an indication of the “good” people do in the world.

Which leads me to ask what is more important these days than pretty? Is rich more important? We seem to give a huge amount of attention to the Donald Trumps of this world, as if money was any indication of a life well lived. Do you think the Koch brothers are happier people because they’ve acquired the lion’s share of the wealth in this country? I doubt it.

What about health? Again, we are focused on the fastest and best quarterbacks, the pitchers who throw 100 mph fast balls and the tennis players who look like the sculpted statues of the perfect human form.

Is famous more important than pretty? Do you really think Tom Cruise is living his best life? We have so many examples of drug addicted actors, eating disordered actresses and people who have had so much plastic surgery that you can’t even recognize them anymore. (Hello Kenny Rogers and Rene Zellweger!)

Pope FrancisSo maybe it’s not pretty, healthy or famous that is the most important factor in your life. Maybe doing good deeds, going the extra mile for friends or speaking out against injustices is what is really important. If that is the case, shouldn’t we all be focused on this face? Not pretty, not wealthy and not the body of Hercules. But kind, generous and filled with the humility that makes everyone want to listen to him. Not perfect and not trying to be, but aiming for small steps to bring people together. This face, is the most beautiful and good face that I want to be looking at so I can continue to be inspired.